September 26, 2023

For successful onboarding of new employees and training of current ones, two years ago Teltonika established EMS academy. Equipped with soldering stations, electronic component displays, and training materials from the Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC). the interactive academy classroom goes beyond a simple conference room. Inside the EMS academy, we find the IPC-certified academy trainer Andrej Galin, who shares some insights about courses and academy benefits. 


Courses offered at the academy

Established over two years ago, EMS Academy has successfully created and taught a diverse range of courses. The varied portfolio starts with simple onboarding sessions and includes a 3-day PCB soldering course, IPC basics, more complex THT and SMT training, team leader training, a 5-step course, and others.

IPC-A-610 is the most recent course given at the academy for NPI engineers and engineers-technologists. After completing the course, employees receive a certificate, validating their ability to professionally inspect PCB boards both before and after assembly.


Growth and re-qualification opportunities

The academy allows employees the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. The beginning of a career in the complex electronics manufacturing sector can seem overwhelming. So it is crucial that the employees test it out for themselves without fear of failing. Written-off parts, or PCB boards, are used in the academy so they can be broken down and used for different experiments.

The possibilities for requalification are an additional advantage. Andrej shares a story: "Person started working in the box-build position, but after an excursion in the surface mount assembly department, I saw their eyes lit up. They came to me seeking the necessary soldering literature and course. After successfully requalifying, this person soon began working in that area.“

This is a common occurrence; it is not atypical. If the desire is there, we provide employees with the tools they need to requalify or improve their qualifications within the company.


Future prospects

In the academy, 300 diplomas have been issued, and the courses have been conducted for over 1000 hours. As our project portfolio expands, we are also introducing new services like plastic injection moulding and PCB production. This will lead to a wider range of courses and more re-qualification opportunities for our team members in the future.

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