Plastic injection moulding and tooling factory got a construction permit

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June 12, 2024

Permission to establish a 27 100 square metres size facility was granted. The 3-floor building will be equipped with the latest technology for plastic parts and custom mould production. It will be one of the largest factories of this kind in Lithuania.  


The new facility will be in the capital city - Vilnius, in the Teltonika High-Tech Hill, surrounded by electronics and PCB manufacturing buildings. The start of construction of the plastic moulding and tooling services factory marks the continuation of a vertical integration strategy aimed at offering customers all the most important electronics manufacturing processes under one roof. This approach keeps shortening the supply chain and reducing dependency on the suppliers.  

Teltonika will employ around 300 various experts like mechanical and process engineers, automation specialists, equipment adjusters, and more who will operate the latest equipment. 

According to the President of the Teltonika company group Arvydas Paukštys, this will help to ensure even better product quality and reduce the launch time of new products by half. With the latest automated equipment operators will be able to combine and mould components from different materials such as rubber, plastic, metal, and more.


Sustainability has been the top priority in the construction plans. All Teltonika’s facilities are operated using renewable energy sources and this will be no exception. Most of the plastic waste will be recycled and returned to the production process. The new building will meet the necessary environmental requirements. 

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