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May 16, 2024

Our new manufacturing factories are set to open in 2025 and we are excited to reveal the emerging real picture of the buildngs. The two buildings consist of PCB and electronics manufacturing facilities, which together expand our manufacturing space by more than 50 thousand square metres. 


With the addition of manufacturing complexes, we continue to proceed the vertical integration approach. Such a strategy enables us to meet the growing demand and provide the highest quality services for our contract manufacturing partners. Here is more information about the facilities.

PCB Factory

Printed circuit boards are an essential part of the electronics manufacturing industry. Reacting to potential risks in the market, we are establishing the first PCB factory in Europe after two decades, which will open its doors in the first half of 2025. The facility is designed to include highly automated equipment from Japan, Germany, and Italy and plans to employ around 250 specialists. 


Electronics manufacturing capacity

Opening its doors in the first half of 2025 is also our new manufacturing facility for electronics.  This automated and modern factory includes 10 electronic assembly lines, 20 testing lines, 4 packaging lines, a modern robotic warehouse, and laboratories. Additionally, employing around 700 skilled specialists to operate the manufacturing process.

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