Original design manufacturer. Product designing and projection services from A to Z.
SMT assembly
Teltonika EMS provide printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services with fully automatic modern high end SMT assembly lines with more than 1.000.000 components per hour with size down to 01005.
Lead free selective and manual soldering
Semi automatic through-hole technology (THT) assembly lines.
Functional and Automated testing
With long engineering experience and strong potential we provide functional testing services. We develop testing equipment for your company needs as well.
Stencil manufacturing
Laser-cut stainless steel SMT stencils.
PCB coating and cleaning
Conformal coating to protect printed circuit boards from different harmful environment.
Manual Assembly and packing
Installation of sub-assemblies, installation of other components, routing of cabling or wiring harnesses, and fabrication of enclosures.
Delivery and distribution
We deliver to 140 countries worldwide.